Anatomy Of The Knee

The knee is a hinged joint which is made up of two joints and two pairs of ligaments.  The first joint lies between the femur (thigh bone) and tibia (shinbone).   The second joint lies between the femur and the patella on the frontal aspect of the knee.

A pair of ligaments goes through each side of the joint forming the outer edges. These are termed as medial and lateral collateral ligaments. These go through the inner and outer sides of the leg.

The second pair of ligaments known as the anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments is located in the central aspect of the knee.  Their function is to cushion the joint and prevent excess movement.

The joint also consists of two horseshoe-shaped articular cartilages which are the medial and lateral meniscus (plural menisci). These are located in the inner and outer aspect of the knee.

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