Meniscal Tears

The menisci are horseshoe-shaped cartilages that form a bridge between the femur (thigh bone) and the tibia (shin bone).  The menisci are part of the articular surface which facilitates movement and act as cushions. The medial meniscus lies in the inner part of the knee and lateral meniscus lies on the outer side.

More about Meniscal Tears

Meniscal tears usually occur during sporting activity and can be accompanied by injury to the ligaments on either side.  Impact to a twisted knee usually results in meniscal tears.  Commonly, meniscal tears are referred to as torn cartilages.

Elderly people can suffer tears from normal movements like walking, squatting or rising from a chair with a twisted knee.  Due to age, the menisci can degenerate and wear thin. This thinned cartilage will be more susceptible to tears.

Meniscal Tears Treatment

Radiographic investigation such as MRI scanning is done to determine the extent and location of the tear.  The treatment plan is not only dependent on size and location of the tear, but other factors such as age, activity level and other medical co-morbidities are also taken into consideration.

Blood supply to the menisci varies according to location so some areas heal much better than others.  The outer section (Red Zone) receives very good blood supply while the inner section (White Zone) does not.  Tears on the outer section are amenable to repair while tears on the inner section are not and needs resection of the damaged portion.

Meniscal repairs and tendon transfers are amenable in some cases and your Consultant will advise on the most beneficial course of action for your condition.

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