Meniscal Surgery

A torn meniscus also called a torn cartilage needs surgical intervention.  This depends very much on the location of the tear.  Please visit our website for further information on meniscal tears and anatomy of the menisci.

Surgery to the outer portion of the meniscus can heal well as this portion receives a good blood supply.  Any intervention to the inner portion of the meniscus will not heal as this portion receives no blood supply.

Conservative Treatment

Surgery is not necessary for all meniscal tears.  Conservative measures are the desired option as the first line of treatment.  Whether physiotherapy alone would suffice or injections will also be needed will be determined by the size and location of the tear and your activity levels.

Meniscal Repair

The surgeon may elect to repair the tear arthroscopically if the outer portion of the cartilage has suffered a tear.  The tear can be stitched or tacked into place and its success depends on the size and location of the tear.  Braces are used to protect the knee and crutches for mobility for a period of one month following surgery.  Any further instructions on postoperative care will be given by your surgeon.

Meniscal Removal

Tear very close to the medial portion of the knee where there is less blood supply or very large meniscal tear need to be addressed by entirely removing the damaged section.  Surgeons don’t attempt to repair the tears in the inner section of the meniscus as they will not heal.

The damaged part of the meniscus is resected arthroscopically using a specialised shaver and the remaining meniscus is left untouched.  Patients are very satisfied after removal of the meniscus and can immediately start rehabilitation.  Functional recovery is within days of the procedure.  The risk of developing knee osteoarthritis increases in the long term if the meniscus has been removed.  Your Surgeon will discuss the long term risks and benefits of surgery and will suggest the most beneficial course of action depending on your condition and activity levels.

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