Knee Sprain

Four main ligaments which are bands of flexible soft tissue give strength to the knee.  These tissues are a connective bridge to the femur and tibia providing stability to the leg.

Knee sprain is caused by a stretched or torn ligament in the knee. It occurs during activities that involve excessive bending or twisting and are common in contact sports.

Knee Sprain Causes

A knee sprain often occurs when the knee has to go through undue strain from a direct impact or trauma resulting from an abrupt stop or change of direction. The impact causes the ligament to tear or separate from the bone

Knee Sprain Symptoms

Pain level can be from mild to severe depending on injury and is graded as 1 to 4.   The injury is severe if you can hear a popping sound or feel buckling sensations. All knee sprains are painful and result in swelling and restricted mobility. The injury site will be inflamed and painful restricting normal daily activities such as climbing stairs and even standing.

Knee Sprain Diagnosis

The consultant will exclude other potential causes by carrying out physical examination, take patient’s medical history and understanding the cause of injury.  X-rays and MRI scans are done to examine the damage to the knee.

Knee Sprain Treatment

Conservative measures like non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs to reduce pain and swelling and exercise regime are advised to strengthen the knee joint.  Surgical intervention is needed for

ligament tears like minimally invasive arthroscopy which can quickly diagnose the extent of the injury and repair or resect the damaged tissue.

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