Anterior Knee Pain

Pain affecting the front (anterior) and central part of the knee is anterior knee pain. This pain can be caused by a number of reasons and is related to undue stress caused to the knee. Runner’s knee, patellofemoral pain syndrome, runner’s knee are some of the examples of anterior knee pain. This type of pain can afflict young, fit and healthy people and is more prevalent amount girls than boys.

Adolescent Anterior Knee Pain

Knee pain in adolescents can be as a result of undue stress placed on the knee or strain to the muscles surrounding the knee joint causing the knee or the patella (kneecap) to slip out of alignment during exercise. Decreased flexibility and fascial (tissue) tightness on the lateral (outer) part of the thigh can also affect the knee.

Radiographic investigations like x-ray, MRI or ultrasound may be done to look at the anatomy and alignment of the knee. If no remarkable defect is found within the knee, only physiotherapy may be advised along with other conservative measures such as rest, cold compresses, and anti-inflammatory pain medications. Overstressing the knee during exercise or sports can result in the problems stated above. In such cases a physiotherapist or an experienced sports coach should be contacted.

Anterior Knee Pain Treatment

Physiotherapy exercises aims at increasing flexibility, reduce fascial tightness and strengthen the muscle, particularly the hamstrings and quadriceps, and to address any hip or ankle discomfort which may be causing problems throughout the leg. Orthotics or insoles may also be suggested in some of the cases. If the knee pain is substantial and physiotherapy alone is unsuccessful in relieving the symptoms or if there is a possible structural damage, then joint injections or surgical intervention should be considered. Corticosteroid injection is given in case of inflammation of the joint. These injections can also be diagnostic as it can help identify the area which causes pain. If injecting a particular area relieves the pain, then that area can be considered as the culprit area.

Patella Pain

Pain around the patella is usually caused by patellar maltracking, unstable patella or patellar tendinitis (inflammation).

  • Patellar maltracking occurs when the patella does not move smoothly inside the trochlear groove. This is caused due to muscle weakness when the muscles supporting the patella cannot hold it in its normal position. It can also be caused by anatomical problem of the patella or the hip. If this maltracking cannot be amended by physiotherapy alone, it is advisable to consider surgical options..
  • Patellar instability is almost always caused by trauma or structural abnormality of the patella. If the problem is substantial, surgery should be considered.
  • Patella tendinitis The patellofemoral ligament can suffer with inflammation due to over activity or injury to the patella. If physiotherapy is not sufficient, injection or a tendon operation is advised.

Assessing the cause of anterior knee pain is a complex undertaking and getting the knee checked by an experienced knee specialist is essential who can suggest a care plan according to your need.
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