Knee Hyperextension

Knee Hyperextension Causes

Knee hyperextension is a condition in which the knee over straightens or extends beyond its normal range of motion and this puts pressure on the joint. This can happen to any person but is more prevalent among athletes who indulge in high-impact sports and skiers. It is caused by a direct trauma or sudden impact during descent or stop. The knee joint bends abnormally causing undue strain to the knee ligaments.

Knee Hyperextension Symptoms

The pain can range from being moderate to severe depending on the extent of strain and the knee may feel wobbly post injury. Mobility can be painful due to bruising and swelling resulting from damage to the surrounding tissues.

Knee Hyperextension Treatment

Recovery can be within two to four weeks through rest and conservative measures which will allow the inflammation to settle and give the knee time to heal. If there is a substantial damage to the ligament, then surgical intervention and an extensive rehabilitation plan is inevitable.

Although some of the knee injuries can be treated arthroscopically, damage to the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) due to hyperextension will need surgical intervention. This would involve resection of the torn ligament and replacing it with a graft. This grafting procedure is efficacious and patients can resume full activity after a gradual recovery programme of strengthening and exercise regime.

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