Jumpers Knee

Jumper’s knee or patellar tendinitis occurs when the tendon which is connected to the lower part of the patella or kneecap is damaged. It can also happen when the upper part of the knee where thigh muscles and tendons join is inflamed or damaged.

Jumper’s Knee Causes

Jumper’s Knee as the name suggests is mostly prevalent among jumping athletes. While jumping the knee goes through immense consistent pressure, and over time this can cause pain. It is more prevalent among track athletes who do long jumps, but athletes who play basketball or volleyball and cyclists can also suffer from jumper’s knee. The kneecap comes under immense pressure during landing in any jump which causes minute tears and collagen degeneration.

Jumper’s Knee Symptoms

People suffering from jumper’s knee have pain at the lower front of the kneecap which is tender on pressing and accompanied by aching and stiffness after exercise. The pain can be intermittent before worsening and any bending activity like climbing stairs or sitting in a car can be painful. As the pain is intermittent, any renewed stress to the knee in the absence of pain can lead to chronic pain.

Jumper’s Knee Diagnosis

Treatment for this condition should be sought immediately and have the knee checked by a knee surgeon who will advice whether the condition is amenable to conservative measures like rest and physiotherapy or will require surgery.

Jumper’s Knee Treatment

Surgery to resect the worn out tissue is the usual first step and can be done through minimally invasive arthroscopy or open surgery depending on the damage to the cartilage. Pain medication can be prescribed to give pain relief and support braces can be fitted for joint stabilisation during the rehab period.

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