Runner’s Knee

Runner’s knee is a broad term given to any conditions that result in pain around the patella.

Runner’s knee is associated with any activity that puts consistent pressure on the knee such as cycling, playing football, high and long jump and the most important of all running.

Runner’s Knee Causes

Runner’s knee is caused by undue stress or direct trauma to the kneecap from a sporting injury or a fall.  The causative factors of runner’s knee are weak or tight thigh muscles, obesity, flat feet, inadequate stretching prior to exercise and so on.

Runner’s Knee Symptoms

Symptoms of runner’s knee include dull, aching pain around or behind the kneecap felt during walking, going up and down the stairs, keeping the knee bent for a prolonged period of time, kneeling, etc.  Swelling, a popping sound or grinding of the knee can also accompany these symptoms.

Runner’s Knee Diagnosis

Diagnosis of runner’s knee is made by doing an X-ray, MRI or a CT scan in order to the assess the extent of the damage but prior to these investigations the doctor will go through the medical history and activity level of the patient.

Runner’s Knee Treatment

The first step is rest to reduce the swelling and inflammation and avoid all strenuous activities to prevent further damage followed by rehab.  Surgery can be necessary in case of damage to the cartilage or the kneecap has slipped from its normal position, although it is considered as a last step if conservative measures fail to relieve symptoms and functionality.

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